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Coastal Vineyards Wine Clubs features only premier, top quality wine vintages, custom crafted by specialty winemakers who are still ever faithful to the art of making wine. We focus on “small production,” premium, boutique-style wines from the Paso Robles region of the California Coast to ensure that you receive uniquely palatable flavors delivered right to your doorstep. Our clubs have no "Membership Fees", no cancellation costs, shipping is always included in the price, and we offer you a complete 100% guarantee your absolute satisfaction!

Zinfandel Wine Club

About The Zinfandel Wine Club:

Zinfandel is the undisputed “California King” and California is the undisputed reigning champion of Zinfandel. The “Gold Coast” of central California simply can’t be beat by anyone, anywhere when it comes to this flowery, fruity, flavorful free-for-all. This, of course, is not to say they aren’t just as equally enthusiastically enjoying this refreshingly unique wine experience all over the globe, truth be told, they are, but it all began right here on the peacefully laid back and calmly relaxed Pacific coast of California.
This mysterious muse is literally mesmerizing as the White Zinfandel is a fruit-packed bottle of heaven itself with a lingering character of wild herbs and spice. Slightly sweet and ranging in color from light to a medium pink, it is light, playful and oh so very enjoyable. The Red Zinfandel is known by applauding epicures for its hearty, robust explosion of ripened berries, spice and occasionally even pepper, wood or “minty” aftertastes. Here you will find great depth, complexity and balance with most impressive tannis and alcohol levels.
Being located right here in California, we have had both the opportunity and pleasure of being literally surrounded by several artisan, small batch, special production vintners who still do it for the love and art of it, bringing the entire planet the world’s finest Zinfandels. Allow us the honor and privilege of introducing you to the very “Best of the Best!”

What You Get:

Each month, you’ll receive two distinctly different and thoroughly unique award winning selections of “Zinfandel Wines”. Our wine selections come from the Paso Robles wine region of the California Coast. We focus our efforts on finding you wines that have yet to be discoved. We believe that you should drink a wine not for the artistic label or fancy name or even worse the Wine Spectator rating, you should drink the wine because it was custom crafted by specialty winemakers who are still faithful to the art of making wine with passion that can be tasted in each and every bottle opened, poured and enjoyed. That is why our tag line has become so popular, when we say, “you’ll be saying I knew them when…” meaning we only feature wines that have yet to be discoved but they certainly will be.

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